This is my blog to keep you all abreast of what I am up to in my final years of life. Bookmark it and visit it from time to time to see what’s up.

As you know, I have been treated surgically for colon cancer and now most likely have fewer years to live than I anticipated upon retiring last year. I was planning to live till I got old and cranky [estimated at 75] and then departing gracefully back into the land from whence we all come. Now, my life expectancy is 65, still a respectable ways to go as you can see. And I will be going all the less cranky too! What a silver lining!

I’ll go into all this statistical stuff in a further posting. This one is just to get going.

I’ve titled this blog Near-End Thoughts, even though the end is not yet near, only approaching. But I do know I will be leaving you all at some point and that does focus one’s thoughts. They happen to be good thoughts in my case, a result no doubt of my interest in philosophy and spirituality.

So don’t feel bad about my situation. I’ll just be leaving a little earlier than planned. We all leave one day or another. I just have the occasion to face my mortality head-on and decide the how and when.

I’ll elaborate on this and other facets of going in future postings. So please wish me well in my last number of years to come and keep smiling, as I do 🙂

Good wishes all around,

Philip  Philip