I made a momentous decision today. After consulting with my doctor, I have decided to forgo further treatment for cancer. I know that many will not look favorably on that decision and will find me foolish [that might be putting it gently]. Nevertheless, it is my decision and it will remain such. Please do not attempt to dissuade me from this decision. Going back and forth in the decision-making regarding the very important issue of my eventual death will only muddy the waters and arouse fears and uncertainties among those closest to me.I have discussed the issues with my wife and children and they understand where I come from. This is not a decision that I have made lightly and as such, it is not one to be contested. I know many of you would like to talk me out of it, believing that your own view is a better one, but there are just no best views in this matter. It is a very personal matter, one that rests ultimately with me and my own best assessment of the situation, which I have studied and sought counsel on.Now, don’t worry about my upcoming demise. I am not about to croak in the near-term and I will have lots of time to elaborate on my worldview and why this decision is the best for me and those close to me.

Currently, I have a 50-50 chance of living 5 years [the 5-year term is how oncologists deal with prognosis]. So I may even outlive some of you yet 😉 . Cancer is not like a heart attack that grabs you suddenly and scares the living daylights out of you. There is time for reflection and I have embarked on the journey to now, to living in the present moment. It is something we yearn for all along.