Well, I just saw my surgeon. It has been a little over a month since he stitched me up and I haven’t stopped weeping since. Through a little hole, that is, at the top of my 3-inch incision next to my belly button. Just a little fluid from somewhere inside, not much bother really, except that I had to keep changing a bandage over the hole twice a day so as not to soil my t-shirts.

Well, I figured maybe I shouldn’t be weeping so long, so I threatened to plug the hole with putty. He thought he should perhaps see me, so I put away the putty can.

He didn’t have any putty on hand either. He poked around at my hole and then stuffed it with a little length of 1/4 inch tape. It’s a wicking tape, to help the fluid wick out. And gave me the bottle of tape – now I myself have to do that, twice a day actually. So I am no better off than before.

It appears that the stitch is dissolving [as it should!] and the hole is the conduit for getting rid of it. Another 2 weeks or so and the hole should dry up. And close up? I hope so J

So now I go around with a bit of tape sticking out of my belly! Life is just full of surprises, isn’t it?