Well, we just had the death of one of our five chickens and another is in our home chicken clinic in quarantine, awaiting her fate. We hope she will pull through, but nothing is for sure. And no, it is not likely to be avian flu, although it is probably some kind of flu of a more minor kind, albeit at times deadly. And so we have had a visit from the grim one, you know who.

Good news on my own medical front. I just saw my oncologist a week back and her review of my latest CT scan indicates a not unhealthy liver. Those little spots noticed there on the previous scan have not grown, so they are unlikely to be cancerous. I thus remain with a phase 3 prognosis and my days have suddenly brightened. Why I am even rekindling my interest in Italian with a view to retirement over there in the land of hills, song and wine. I just now have to convince my good Better Half to take retirement herself at an appropriate age and join in the fun. Ah, life is so short.