No, not that I am doing the limbo with my belly sticking out, rather that I am in limbo with my belly. In between, not knowing for how long.

It has been over a year since my last posting and I have glided through the year on healthy wings. Why, I have really never felt physically healthier, in better shape, well-toned. I do my jogging around the neighbourhood every other day and my weight-lifting exercises on the days in-between, with one day off on the weekend. Then a good shower and off to the market for a great coffee and chat or good reflection about cosmology.

No signs of any trouble within, but then, that is the problem, isn’t it? Everything looking fine on the outside, while possibly things are churning within, under wraps? Just don’t know. So I have adopted a more near-future outlook not involving any long-range planning. I glide along on a more fatalistic outlook, with a trendy ‘whatever’ disposition providing a much more reactive mode of life than before. It feels good and I find philosophical solace for such a viewpoint in oriental thinking.

Indeed, I have taken a shining more deeply than previously to buddhist philosophy and find much satisfaction in reflecting on cosmology and ontological matters such as time and space, self, being and reality. Just trying to bring together various strands of thinking to brush a coherent and comprehensive picture of the way the world is. As good an activity as any other.

So I remain in limbo, but then that is the case of so many older people, isn’t it? I have just entered that stage of life earlier than planned. And earlier than I feel like, full of vim and vigor as I am externally. In a way, I feel fortunate to confront this stage of life while still in good health. The gods are looking kindly on me, for sure. As they always have.